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Interview with Oktan Keles

8 Ekim 2012 09:13 tsi
Interview with Oktan Keles An interview with Oktan Keleş published in Yeni Aktuel

Interview with Oktan Keles

An interview with Oktan Keleş  published in Yeni Aktuel

“Hadrat Hızır(Khidr) is the leader of the spiritual intelligence organization”

Researcher&writer Oktan Keles  tells the struggles in the metaphysical field in his books,sometimes he presages the events so he is called as a spiritual intelligencer.He will divulge the spiritual intelligence network and spiritual organization in the field of  metaphysics  in his forthcoming new book.Oktan Keles  deciphers  the hidden sides of many events  with his books,also he mentors/consults on critical projects to some politicians and bureaucrats.Oktan Keles is explaining the metaphysical intelligence,the spiritual organization of this intelligence and the metaphysical  struggle in the background of  the events .

Yeni Aktuel:You are known as a researcher and writer who has been working on extraordinary and  mystical subjects by the public,but  we have been hearing  from the competents that you’ve been  divulging the secrets of the invisible sides of the realities.What is the heart of the matter,what is the essential character of the work you’ve been doing in actual fact,can you explain?

Oktan Keles:I’ve started with sufistic novel series so I can  address to everyone,young and old alike,I’ve wanted to tell the true sufism and its fronts  in today,but also the fronts we have not seen within that category.I describe myself as a “ Milennium Derwish* ”.If we live in this age we mustn’t  perceive the teachings up to our age or we must tell the time we have been perceiving.We could  tell the sufistic-mystic matters and the happenings around us like 1001 Nights even though we don’t realize,but this style doesn’t suit to our age.So,I directly  preferred to tell in the novels,the metaphysical realities in the world,the hidden sides of the happenings.

So I centered Istanbul,I’ve tried to reflect that Sufism does not only  consist of crown(taj/tac),cloak(hirka) and  jubba(cubbe/a special clothe in Islam),I’ve tried to reflect  the  other sides of the happenings,the mystical struggles  from the perspective of the events  in Istanbul,I’ve tried to reflect this life in my books.Of course I’m adhering to fiqh (understanding,comprehension,knowledge and jurisprudence in Islam) and the subjects about conviction/Islamic believes  while I’m doing all these.I’m trying to show to the reader  that saints,friends of  Allah,men of the spiritual,derwishes still exist among us,they have some functions to do and also they interfere in some events in this way.I’m trying to show that they did not only exist in the past,they’re still existing among us in our time.Derwishes are being perceived in our time who live in torn dresses,who obligate themselves to poverty and to hunger.I’m trying to show actually their living examples are like how in today,what they are busy  with.Being a dervish is a response of a patience that is shown to Allah’s creations.As Yunus Emre (Great Turkish Sufi)said “ Neither  happy for having property nor sad for poverty “Derwish is the one who has a patience like this.

Yeni Aktuel:Although your books seem like novel,fiction we see that they haven’t  only theoretical knowledge.Moreover you inform us about  the events,the disclosures in that fiction which we’ve seen some parts of them  have become true later.It is said about the work you do by the spiritual  competents that  the work you do is actually a “Spiritual intelligence”.What is this “Spiritual intelligence?”

Oktan Keles:Spiritual intelligence is an indispensable thing in sufism/tasawwuf and it’s very important.Intelligence  was a kind of knowledge which was given to the chosen people within the certain series of teaching in the tekkes (derwish lodges)  in the past.This has two dimensions,such as physical and metaphysical intelligence.We took  these  teachings  so to do this work was  granted to this faqir* in Turkey.I can say that to divulge this matter to the society came into existence with us.Because there is no any other example.Thus  I’ve  talked about a different branch of Sufism with what I’ve written and also with my consultancies.I’ve not only  talked about teaching good manners to the nafs/self, I’ve not only talked about improving  nafs/self spiritually;I’ve talked about the responsibility which we have,to the society,to the nation,to the homeland,to the state.Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) says and Allah commands in Qur’an: “And slacken not in following up the enemy”[Surat an Nisa-104];I tried to show there is such a practice according to this principle.Our Prophet  sends his sahabas (companions) to other societies and countries  and  he commands to them ”Let’s look,what do they think about us,what are they planning,collect information ”.In this meaning if we talk about spiritual intelligence the head of the intelligence is prophet Muhammad(PBUH).The revelation that he inspired from Allah was already a spiritual intelligence but sending his sahabas and wanted them to collect intelligence is a physical intelligence.It is a discipline,a teaching,a branch of sufism and prophet Muhammad himself put this into practice.        

In Qur’an,in the parables about Prophet Sulaimen(Solomon),Hadrat Sulaimen sends Hudhud(Hoopoe) to the other countries.Hudhud is identified as a bird.He wanted from Hudhud to collect  intelligence/information,this is a spiritual intelligence,too.Thereby  spiritual intelligence has an important place in the spiritual fields.These were done among the dervishes in tekkes,but in time these things were forgotten.Spiritual and physical intelligence has existed since prophet Adam(PBUH).Turkish nation is the most practitioners nation about that.For example Seljuk-Turkish Sultan Alparslan’s intelligence purpose organization “Berid(Ulak/Messenger)” is a historical fact.I mentioned in an article I written about  a group of intelligencer “Meczubiler/Majzoobs” who were depended on Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan.Also there was a group of majzoob intelligencer that was known “Delibozuklar” in the army of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.You may say ”what’s the connection with  majzoobs!?”,but these are  deep/inner subjects.These knowledges  were given/taught to the selected people in the former tekkes(derwish lodges) in due form of  Sufism.

Yeni Aktuel:So Are some of the dervishes doing both physical and spiritual intelligence?

Oktan Keles:For example,according to the location,tradition or folkway of a country they go to everywhere such as coffeehouses,madrasas(Islamic law school)  or mosques.Derwishes  are known from their signs such as battles or keshkul(a kind of bowl).Being a dervish is a holy notion in the eye of public,it is a part of saint organization,they have privacy.Although public don’t have a deep information,they are seen as a saint by the public.Even though  they fall into contempt,generally they aren’t questioned by the public.Sultan Abdul hamid Khan used them  for intelligence.They go to the various parts of the society and various places of the city.They have a leader.They  gather in a place in the evenings and they give the intelligence  to their leader which they collected.These leaders tell  these secret information  to their masters(effendi hadrat).These masters tell these information either directly or through the messengers to the high state officials.From the point of physical intelligence a lot of information is imparted such as who thinks what about sultan or about state,what is being planned or which goods transferring in ports or who are smuggling…State officials reports and classifies these knowledges and plans a strategy.

There is also a spiritual intelligence in other words a metaphysical intelligence point.Since the world was created there is something called the struggle for the Truth and the falsehood.Mankind and evil were expelled from the Paradise with the command of Allah:”Allah said,Get you down.With enmity between yourselves..”[Surat al A’raf-24].Adam,Eve and evil are enemies since that and this is a principle.Cursed evil who expelled from Paradise will not be without work,evil has a time for a while till the Day of Judgement.Since then there is a struggle for the Truth-falsehood.This is a struggle between evil,devilish jinn/people and the bravemen of haq/the truth.Evil is a creature who does magic and uses incantation.He is an expert about this subject.There is an alternative for this which is named spiritual knowledge.As part of these teachings and on the basis of metaphscical intelligence we can say that many more things come true behind visible world ,the visible events.According to Islamic  phrase,we can say the place all these are carried out ‘The world of dream’,Angelic Realm(Alam al Malakoot).People generally see symbolic things about themselves in their dreams.So,many believer or nonbeliever people can get these kind of information.Belief or disbelief isn’t effective.Angelic Realm(Alam al Malakoot) has parts.Angelic Realm is a door of intelligence,too.Dreams have 4 parts in Islam:The first kind of dream consists of the events in daily life which are engraved in  our  subconscious;the second one is directly the true one,these kinds of dreams needn’t interpret,they become real directly.The third one comes from the Angelic Realm(Alam al Malakoot),these kinds of dreams are shown by the angels according to their intelligence,these kinds of dreams need interpret by a competent.these dreams have symbols and only the competent can interpret the dream.And the last kind of dream comes from evil.These kinds of dreams are hallucinogenic,incoherent and misleading dreams.Evil and devilishes enters Angelic Realm(Alam al Malakoot)and steals some information they show some symbols to us in ourdreams for guiding us,but in fact these kinds of dreams have only one goal;To mislead us.Those who are competent about this subject,they select the symbols in these kind of devilish dreams and seek the intelligence directly in the spiritual world.This is the intelligence of Angels.I’m telling this to show the spiritual intelligence reaches to ordinary people too.In addition there is a spiritual intelligence of saints and friends of Allah.this is a different subject.

Yeni Aktuel:Well,but how do they use the dreams for intelligence?

Oktan Keles:I told in a TV programme,in 2006,I was offered about this subject from abroad,but I didn’t show consideration.There are dream intelligencers and dream collectors.They stroll from town to town,from village to village in Anatolia,and they collect the remarkable/significant dreams.I warned people with my writings.Don’t tell your dreams to dream-collectors looks like seekers.They collect intelligence by this way.If I am aware of some knowledge and symbols,I can have intelligence from your dream about you,about your character,about your life.I warned people about this subject.After a while my warning  became true.It is ensued that some strangers strolling in groups and they were collecting the dreams by translators.This is what I’ve said,the metaphysical intelligence.They interpret the most seen common symbols,so they  can learn,see and solve psychology of people from their dreams.This is a scientific method which is used by the secret services.Serious countries are developing activities and precautions for these activities.These precautions are given to public sometimes within religious items such as in newspapers or  in calendars.These are the spiritual shields for protecting citizens.But for  camouflaging all of them both two sides  resort disinformation.For example the people who abuse spiritual subjects,the shammers are featured so the truth and the seriousness of these subjects are camouflaged.The other part is mediumship and fraudulence becomes a part of the activity in here,too.

There is also a state of remembrance of Allah (hal of dhikr).Allah says in Qur’an:”If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of(Allah) Most Gracious,We appoint for him an evil one,to be an intimate companion to him”[Surat az Zukhruf -36]That is to say If there is no dhikr there is an evil.During dhikr rituals the derwishes do some movements with def (a tambourine with jingles).Some feeling,some knowledge/information are inspirated to the hearts of derwishes who become ecstatic during dhikr rituals.That is to say there is a spiritual intelligence.But the common people don’t know about these and unfortunately there is no longer teaching about these in tekkes(derwish lodges) in today.Most of them know nothing about these,most of them are not aware of this subject.

Yeni Aktuel:If that’s so,then do you say there is actually Divine and devilish struggle in the hidden side of the many events we’ve seen such as social,political.So there’s both a spiritual intelligence and a war?

Oktan Keles:Mediumship,soothsaying is forbidden in Islam.But some people who say that they have clairvoyance are working with intelligence services.Their visions and inspirations are considered and reported.Some information has reached to your ear that MOSSAD,CIA or ex-KGB uses daemons/jinn.They do these with mediums/spirituaists.

Spiritualists/exorcists are the camouflage these kind of works in our country.Some people are shown as a medium,spiritualist/exorcist by media.Artists,politicians,bureaucrats,business man every kind of people go these people.They can not tell their secrets to their father/mother or spouse,but they can tell their secrets to these people.And this is aonther part of the intelligence.Some others learns this intelligence from that medium or spiritualist etc.I don’t know,can I tell you?Thereafter fraudulencies of these people is displayed and inulcated to the society,it is said”Don’t believe such as spiritual subjects,don’t be deceived,there are no things such as…”.The truth is camouflaged by this way.Most of them are already ignorant men.I don’t put the men on this list who declares themselves as Mahdi,they are in the category of  ill.

Yeni Aktuel:So,are there any other ways of spiritual intelligence?

Oktan Keles:Let’s we continue about spiritual intelligence.”[When Hadrat Suleiman learned that Princess Balqis was coming](38)He said (to his own men):O chiefs!Which of you can bring to me her throne before they come to me in submission?(39)One audacious among the jinn said:I will bring it to you before you rise up from your place;and most surely I am strong and trusty for it.(40)One who had the knowledge of the Book said:I will bring it to you in the twinkling of an eye.Then when he saw  it settled beside him”[Surat al Naml].It is said in tasawwuf that this person is Hadrat  Hızır(Khidr).In the verse he is mentioned “One who had the knowledge of the Book”[Surat al Naml-40].”The Unseen Knowledge” was given to  Hadrat  Hızır(Khidr) and there is also a spiritual intelligence organization that  Hadrat Hızır(Khidr) is the leader of this  spiritual intelligence organization,and this is called “Erenler(Saints)”.Their selves (nafs) are pure and educated.They are the true spiritual intelligencers,not the fraudulent spiritualsits,not the fraudulent fortunetellers,not the fraudulent mediums.These people are the derwishes who are chosen by saints according to their capabilities and ingenuities,saints give these people from their own knowledge.So many capabilities are taught to these people such as arts,sciences,knowledge…etc.

Abjad and jifr are the means used in spiritual intelligence art.It seems that these knowledge only need letters and mathematical phrases,but actually they have more spiritual,more inner state.These knowledge are the tools of  intelligence art.An existential but not apparent event is explored by these knowledge with the permission of Allah.We almost use all these knowledge,as you would appreciate we presage many things with the help of Allah.Moreover some events,many things  have been appearing as same as I’ve declared in my books.So spiritual intellengence is a branch of knowledge that is created and given to the competents by Allah.

Yeni Aktuel:We understood the devilishes(satanics/daimonics).But for positive or Divine sense who has been working for intelligence and who has been struggling in the hidden side of all these events?

Oktan Keles:This is a  struggle that friends of Allah are at the top.Brave men  of Allah who are called Pirler,The Threes-The Sevens-The Forties* have been continuing this struggle.Hadrat Hızır(Khidr) is the command/leader of all these men/Rijal al-Ghayb*.In an Ottoman Military Music(Mehter March),it is said that”The Forties,The Sevens  help us”.The Saints of Unseen(The Saints of Ghayb) who are called ’The Fourties’ collect intelligence and struggle for the hidden sides of the events in  world.There are a lot of verses in Qur’an  about the wars that becomes in an unseen world.There are some people who are called ’Veliyullah’(Friends of Allah) amongst the spiritual intelligencers.Saints of Allah get information directly from Allah,they need no comment they get information from Angelic Realm(Alam al Malakoot),from Lawh al Mahfooz*.The principle is this:”Nobody knows the invisible(the unseen/the ghayb),but only Allah,and the ones Allah notifies…”The ones Allah notifies the invisible(the unseen/the ghayb),they notify us the invisible.They notify all these us with the purest inspiration that they take from Allah.Maybe the things invisible for us,but not invisible for them.We tell them:Dabbat al Arsh.Dabbat al Ard is known,but Dabbat al Arsh that is to say ‘the ones who strolls in the heavens,in the throne’.But every friend of Allah isn’t a spiritual intelligencer.There are the ones who gives intelligence to the persons,to the groups,to the jamaats or to ummat(Muslim community).Saints of Allah who are commissioned  in spiritual intelligence,they work  hierarchically,their commander and leader is Hadrat Hızır(Khidr).One of them sometimes comes to the coffeehouse we sit,the one says something and goes;and sometimes the thing he says is such an important information that all the intelligence organizations in the world  seeks for it.It has a meaning why they say this information:The person that the information is said is a competent.They sometimes give these information to the person who can reach the information to the large masses,who can get the message to the public.

Yeni Aktuel:At that case according to  what you notify us in your books and articles,the ones who tell you spiritual intelligencer,they are right?

Oktan Keles:Not at all.These are the others regards.I see myself faraway from these words.But in the book I wrote in 2006,I talked about the events which are in Syria,and also I’ve  given information in my articles.And sometimes articles were written about me that “Is he a writer or a soothsayer”.These aren’t soothsaying.The conservatives,intelligentsias and  laics are interested a lot  all about these.So to talk about spiritual intelligence became unavoidable.

*Derwish:A Persian word for a religious mendicant,Amongst Muslims,the derwish is called faqir.

*Faqir:The Arabic word faqir signifies ”poor”;but it is used in the sense of being in need of mercy,and poor in the sight of Allah,the one who needs only Allah in Sufism.

*Pirler(Pir):Spiritual guide

*The Threes-The Sevens-The Forties:They are the men/saints from Rijal al Ghayb

*Rijal al Ghayb:The Saints of unseen

*Lawh al Mahfooz:Guarded Tablet,everything,all the time is recorded on Lawh al Mahfooz.

**Translator’s note:This is the first part of the interview with Oktan Keles

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