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ATTILA,Pope Leo and Barnabas

7 Mart 2012 09:04 tsi
ATTILA,Pope Leo and Barnabas Vatican unveil these documents,too!

 ATTILA,Pope Leo and Barnabas


 Vatican unveil these documents,too!


ATTILA,Pope Leo and BarnabasVatican unveiled some secret documents.(http://www.onaltiyildiz.com/haber.php?haber_id=1360 Vatican unveil the bilateral agreement between the Hun Emperor Attila and Pope Leo.As long as Vatican unveil  document we are going to unveil document,too.

Here is a chapter from our forthcoming book:


The year is 1877,The defence of Plevne.Ghazi Osman Pasha and his valiant soldiers,his heroic army are  defencing Plevne wholeheartedly,selflessly.We won’t tell you about the war at great length,we’re going to mention about the theme.The Siege and the Defence of Plevne and Osman Pasha is relevant to this matter,the relevance is this:In a village near River Tuna,a Hungarian villager comes to the military quarter where Osman Pasha is in.The villager gives some historical documents to Osman Pasha.Hungarian villager says:”The documents are ancient,but I don’t know what they’re about,’these documents can be about Turks.’”Osman Pasha pleases Hungarian villager greatly and he takes the historical documents from him.Osman Pasha doesn’t know exactly what the documents are about.Finally these documents come to Istanbul with Osman Pasha.Later it is being written on the documents ”The Memories of Osman Pasha”.


Soon after these documents are entrusted to Turkish General StaffIt is known Turkish General Staff has this memory and also it is kept in one of the cosmic room.Why we told this chapter because of this.The document that Osman Pasha took from Hungarian villager is a papyrus.It is a written document belongs to the 5th century.There are both pictures or ancient Greek writings on the document.




The content of the documents:Documents year equivalent to the year 470 approximately.The document is written and drawn by Bishop Marinus or Monastic(Monk) Marinus.The written is this:Leo 1st  who was the Pope in years 440 is clearly being disapproved.Marinus is deriding with Pope Leo 1st  in the writing.Who is Pope Leo I?In the history of popes Pope Leo 1st  is told ,he is the person who persuades Emperor Attila the Hun to  turn back from his invasion of Italy.Many historians writes Attila climbs the Alps,crosses over the Alps with his army in 452,historians write this is no uncertain terms.Pope Leo 1st  comes into the presence of Attila and he wants Attila to forgive Rome.Many historians tell that;in that period Attila was going to conquer Rome and so Attila was going to eliminate the Christianity.

Pope Leo 1st  kneel down in the presence of Attila,kisses Attila’s hand and he apologizes from Attila.But Europians and Vatican historians don’t accept this,they assert  that  there isn’t an event such this in the history,because they feel abased.More over they affront,they say barbarian to Attila.Because they have desire for revenge.But all the historians say Pope Leo persuaded Attila in some way.Altough Attila occupied Rome and although Attila had the power he set free the Pope and the church.In other words Attila had the power to eliminate the Christianity,he could finish the Christianity.It was not going to be talked about  a place which is named Vatican today.



 Some Europian historians clearly ask in their writings how did  Pope persuade Attila in return for what.Yes,really in return for what?Vatican declares this matter in this way today:Pope Leo I persuaded Attila by the help of Jesus Christ.Vatikan doesn’t tell that Pope knelt down in the presence of Attila and Pope begged of Attila.Vatican says there isn’t any evidence related to this event.


We reveal Vatican’s lie.Moreover with an historical,ancient document.Here is the document that is going to reveal Vatican’s lie.The document is written and drawn by Marinus in years 470.These writings and pictures tells us these:Attila is standing,there is a halo(aureole,glory) surrounding his head.This halo indicates sacred person,sanctity.

Pope Leo had been portraid like this;Pope is tied with the rope or scourge in the hand of Attila and he is crawling along  the floor.The thing Attila holds in his hand can be rope or scourge.And also there is a sarcophagus drawing that may portray the Rome Church  at the bottom of the picture.Attila is in a position that he disciplines the Pope,Attila looks as if he educates Pope Leo with the rope or scourge in his hand.In the ancient Greek  writings these parts  could be read and translated:“Marinus mocked with Leo and Pope Leo declared Asian as  Paraclete(*)”This word is very interesting.This word(Paraclete)is also used in the Barnabas Bible.This word  is used in the meaning of ‘Ahmed,advicer,Great Spirit,purifier.


 This is a controversial topic of the Christian world today.In this text the word is used by this way:Monastic(Monk)Marinus is mocking,deriding with Pope Leo and Marinus is saying about him:‘Leo declared Attila as a Paraclete who is being  declared by Barnabas he will come after Jesus.” (In this sentence Marinus declares Barnabas is a perverted,warped.)In other words Pope is declaring Attila as a prophet.In a sense Pope believes that the Paraclete is Attila.The western historians were asking ‘how did Leo persuade Attila in return for what?’Marinus is giving the answer to us.Certainly there is a written agreement between Attila and the Pope about this topic,about Paraclite theme.Vatican has opened the archieves unveil this document to the public,too!Director of Vatican Secret Archives Sergio Pagano unveil this document and declare this document to the public!So Leo 1st knelt down in front of Attila,in the presence of him,he begged of Attila and Pope declared Attila as a prophet,Pope accepted Attila as Paraclete.Attila wasn’t a prophet.Today Vatican and the  Christian  world owe their existences to Attila,to a TURK.Attila didn’t accept the apellation Paraclete.Attila showed nobility of Turk to the religious  functionaries/representatives and he showed mercy them.We used Barnabas in our title becuse Bible of Barnabas is about our theme.

Who knows,maybe Turkish General Staff unveils a lot of documents in 2023 and thus the grandchildren of Attila show to all the world once again ‘who are Turks’.The ones who thinks,who tries to Christianize Asia in the 3rd thousand year,the ones who help to Vatican  should mention once again.Vatican is  trying to revenge from what/from who?

Oktan Keles




P.s:The pictures above was taken from the document in the showcase. Many muslim writers have argued that “another Paraclete” (John 14:16)—the first being Jesus—refers to the Prophet Muhammad. The earliest scholar is probably Ibn Ishaq (died 767), who was grandson of a Christian.Others who interpreted the paraclete as a reference to Muhammad include Ibn Taymiyyah,Ibn Kathir, Al-Qurtubi, Rahmatullah Kairanawi (1818-1891), and a range of contemporary muslim scholars.A few muslim commentators, such as David Benjamin Keldani (1928), have argued that the original Greek word used was periklytos, meaning famed, illustrious, or praiseworthy, rendered in Arabic as Ahmad, and that this was substituted by Christians with parakletos.

In the New Testament the word seems to appear only in Johannine writings. 'Paraclete' appears in the New Testament in the Gospel of John (14:16,14:26, 15:26, 16:7) where it may be translated in English as "counselor", "helper", encourager, advocate, or "comforter".

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraclete http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Leo_I

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