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Kulbak Bilge By Oktan Keles -3

5 Mayıs 2014 10:31 tsi
Kulbak Bilge By Oktan Keles -3 Kulbak Bilge By Oktan Keles -3

                                              Kulbak Bilge By Oktan Keles -3   

Kulbak Bilge unveils the mysteries  of our era.. 

Meanwhile  Kulbak Bilge’s messenger pigeon came to Turahan’s bird fancier;it wasn’t caught by enemy’s hawk. Bird fancier informes Turahan’s leader about the news that the messenger pigeon brought.

      Turahan tooks necessary additional precautions.Kulbak Bilge takes  permission  from Sultan Yesevi  and from 40 elderwises,but it wasn’t enough to walk in the Mim era.There was another significance must be faced with..Gate of Mim era,Mim era’s Knowledge Master..I am the city of knowledge,Ali is its gate(Prophet Muhammad pbuh)…This  is such a significance that  its mystery like the sun for vav era.Suddenly a huge  lion appeared in the darkness,it is such a lion never looks like the other lions.Temir was scared and took out his sword,Kulbak stopped Temir and said:”This is not a lion as you’ve known..This lion is the symbol of the bravest man Ali like the symbol of Oguz Khan’s  symbol  sacred wolf-Gokboru


There is no brave but ALI and there is no sword but ZULFIQAR.Tens of warriors can’t tear down but,lion of Allah Hazrat Ali tears down the door of the castle of Haybar with his own hand.Those who have seen are astonished and tells prophet Muhammad and He says: ”Forty angels were helping him”

A siluet appeared in the darkness,significance came with the voice of the wind and lost.It was the permission to enter the gate of Mim era.To walk in Mim city  means to enter the gate of Mim.Because Hazrat Ali is the gate of this city,the knowledge city.The satanics and their groups have been walking around mim era,but with whose knowledge?

Temir was astonished,he asked:”What was the sword appeared in the sky?”Kulbak answered:”Double time double edged sword,it was forged by saints,its  metal is from the heaven,it is the first sword that was swung to the enemy for Tek Tengri(One God) in the world…The mystery passes from hand to hand from saints.

Kulbak Bilge goes towards the great tree on Yesevi dervish lodge,ties a little piece  from their clothes and hangs up them on the tree.This door is a gate.In plain words this tree is one of the gate of tayy-i zaman and tayy-I mekan(the miracles of the replacement of time and place)..To put a piece of cloth is like a passport,a wish for tayy-i  zaman/tayy-i mekan…These clothes are the evidence that they move from this age… Afterwards tying pieces of  cloth on trees broke down with different traditions..

This great tree’s roots was hanging from Yesevi dervish lodge’s ceiling .The tree was getting its sap from Sultan Yesevi’s dervish lodge.There are a lot of trees..Forest trees,city tress…Alla of them are different…An unexpected  tree maybe a passing gate so that reason evil is the enemy of the trees..Trees are being cut down  or burnt by Satan.Satan brings closer the forbidden tree.So that reason our Prophet gave us the mystery:”Plant a tree even if the end of time is upon you””;”Even if the end of time is upon you an you have a seedling inyour hand,plant it!”

Kulbak Bilge and Temir came from the darkness of night to another darkness of night.A deserted street..The place was an old district in Istanbul.A kıraathane(reading/coffee house),it is the end of  autumn…the weather is cold,there is a heating stove…There are 30-40 men,a lot of them are elder hoars…There is no young nearly, because there is no radio..There are some few youngs..Korean war years …One of them has just come from army,he has been working in here,his name is  Latif;the other one is from his village,his name is Veysel;Veysel is like a brother in Latif’s heart…The olds are frequenters.Here is the house of mysteries/secrets for the compotents. 


 Kulbak Bilge looks inside…His memories has flooded back,because he came here years ago…Everything is the same..Some of them are drinking tea,some are smoking nargile(Turkish water pipe),some are having deep  talk.Kulbak is looking for someone..And there is someone who have been waiting for Kulbak BIlge,the owner of the kıraathane,he is Demirkagan.As soon as Kulbak Bilge and Temir enters in Demirkagan stands up;they look each other,their eyes fulls with silence…Demirkagan says:”I’m in here for 77 years with earth  time..I grew here,married..I missed my era since you locked me in this era…Tell me about Otuken…Kulbak tells:”Like everytime forests,rivers ,crane birds,foals…Nothing is the same without you…So many heros transmigrated further places…Most of them thought ‘this is dead’;but these places are the other eras other times with the order of  Tengri(One God-Allah)




Jinnat has been wrapping himself in flesh and bones in 2014 years…Kulbak Bilge told to Demirkagan what was the purpose of his visit  in 1950’s  and he added he came for help…

Es Salaam to Hilalis*…This nation isn’t ownerless,isn’t unattended..

*Hilali(s):This is a connection representing the side of the Truth..Hilal means crescent.As you know the crescent is the symbol of Islam.


 Oktan Keleş

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