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4 Nisan 2012 08:52 tsi
CERN The mystery in CERN ,Fake Angels of Singularity,particle of Satan and one step to Gog and Magog


The mystery in CERN ,Fake Angels of Singularity,particle of Satan and one step to Gog and MagogAccording to the scientists century experiments are being tested at CERN .The ones who have been testing this experiment ,their goal is to get the largest/highest energy so-called God Particle and to solve the mystery of the creation of the universe by Large Hadron Collider.This test was reported as news so many times.Moreover there are a lot of speculations about this topic.This happened,that happened etc. any way lots of things are told beside the point or not.A lot of stories were told in the news and most of you listened to the tellings like me.The point I am going to tell you is about the part of the topic which is being kept as a mystery.

Many simulations,videos,visuals,pictures,photos were shown about Large Hadron Collider.Buttttt there is a censored part in the videos and pictures that were given to media.There is such a censored,camouflaged part,blurred picture in Google Earth;this is giving rise to thought.We are presenting you these censored videos as not censored,one by one.With the permission of Allah we achieved to clear the blurred picture as a result of  long efforts.Now we’re presenting you these pictures to your interest which we got.As you would appreciate it isn’t easy to break the programme but thanks to Allah we achieved to get enough visions so we could express ourselves.In other words thanks to Allah we got the result.

Let us tell you the explanatory information in 3 page reports:Firstly why did they need to censore the visions/pictures?What is there in the censored part?The ones who watch the video will see 35 millon times slower simulation and also they will see the light simulation that passes in Hadron.This filming was shot from monitor of the computer so that reason it isn’t very clear,but you are going to see the censored part.

The Hadron tunnel which seems as a circle in  kilometers field starts with the pipe tunnel in the form/shape of ‘WORD ALLAH’.In the drawings of the plan which is taking part in the secret report,this curved tunnel which is longer than 300 meters is the first origin,beginning of the energy.In other words this energy comes out from this origin,moves around the circle and finishes at the same origin.This curved tunnel that is connected with speed of the origin of the energy;it openly RESEMBLES ’ALLAH WORD ’.The necessity of the curve which is connected to the origin of the energy is being told with drawings in the reports.That is to say drawings have scientific explanation.

Of course it can’t be said ’ALLAH WORD ’ was done knowingly.But why they censored,that point is thought-provoking.I wonder if the ones think that “Muslims compare this curved tunnel  with ALLAH WORD,they infer,comment,so that,it isn’t known.In fact when you look at carefully on internet,it is clearly seen in the project drawings but if we don’t have the both videos it is difficult to realize/notice.Why did they censore?This censored can be answered by many ways.But we give absolute/clear secret information:The tunnel is as same as ALLAH WORD if the tunnel is formed/shaped different from ALLAH WORD the first movement can not be achieved at Hadron.The unbeliever owners of the project know jolly well that this tunnel’s form/shape is as same as ALLAH word.They probably understood in the test they named century experiment without name of ALLAH nothing can be done,they possibly understood in their alternative particle and energy seekings without name of ALLAH nothing can be happen.But this is a message,this is a lesson,this is the case in point for Muslims.

The main/real  goal of this test is supposedly to prove there is no ALLAH,no Creator.What are they seeking is particle of Satan.They accept Satan as an origin of the energy,they’re seeking for the particle of this energy.Of course some ones will say “you can’t be serious”.Here is a little note to the ones who are saying/thinking like this:Many satanic organizations,many countries,many intelligence services,many other organizations etc. give financial support,give pots of money such as these kinds of projects.All of their goal is in parallel with their own plans. For example Vatican and Israel are very generous about this project.Vatican seeks for a particle of  the Messiah,scientists seek for a particle of origin of the energy,Israel and Zionists seek for a particle of Jehovah,Satanics seek for the power of Satan. Whose is the lion’s share,think?In other words everybody approaches these kinds of projects in different ways.everybody has different goals.

The real purpose/goal is known by the head/by the highest men.The others,workers certainly don’t know anything about the goals of the highest men.Their view is only scientific,they look at the  matter in scientific way.It is said that ‘ a door will be opened into many  discoveries’ at the end of this test.Everybody holds the matter with their own power.Singularity supported CERN project 1,5 milliard dollars and their expectation from this project is about the energy particle.If they can achieve,this energy particle isn’t disappearing.Now they have the energy,but they can not keep the energy,the energy is disappearing.In other words this energy particle is appears,but it can not be kept.If that’s so,then what the singularity is going to do with this particle?I advice you to read my writings and to watch my TV programmes about Singularity.(http://www.onaltiyildiz.com/artikel.php?artikel_id=33) Such an energy particle is going to come from beyond the atom paralel universe.In other words this formation is like making a hole.It is very thought-provoking being  ALLAH word at the beginnig of energy tunnel of Hadron Collider.In the hadiths about Gog and Magog;"Every day, Gog and Magog are trying to dig a way out through the barrier. When they begin to see sunlight through it, the one who is in charge of them says, 'Go back; you can carry on digging tomorrow,' and when they come back, the barrier is stronger than it was before. This will continue until their time comes and Allah wishes to send them forth. They will dig until they begin to see sunlight, then their leader who is in charge of them will say, 'Go back; you can carry on digging tomorrow, inshaa Allah/if Allah wills.' In this case he will make an exception by saying inshaa Allah, thus relating the matter to the Will of Allah,the leader of Gog and Magog says inshaa Allah/is Allah wills and the hole opens.Just like ALLAH WORD at the beginnig of energy tunnel of Hadron Collider.I discussed  GOG-MAGOG subject   in my books.I wrote articles about this subject.There is a point I’ve told;Gog will bring to light dissolute Magog  people ,they can be a half man half robot/cyborg  or maybe an illness/disease etc or some creatures can come from this opened hole.(For details please look page 141,While The Angels Are Crying)

Singularity makes a promise to the human about immortal cell,steel bones.‘God created mortal,faulty human,aging man.We will  make excellent’;they are pretending this.Of course they need a new system.They will put angels on human beings in their system;the angels will be given form from energy particles with diode pens,in other words they will give ‘angel form’ to the disappearing /imperishable energy particle.I will remind you a film.The Golden Compass.This film was  for children.In this film everybody has an animal daemon in their own.The power of these daemons were changing according to the  human,according to the skill/proficiency of the carrier.The Golden Compass is a 2007 film,a summary of the film is shortly:”One night Lyra’s uncle Lord Asriel comes to visit the school.Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon  hears Lord Asriel’s  secret conversation.Lyra listens mysterious stories in the wardrobe where she hides.She goes to northern with  Gyptians.Here is a place witches-queens flies  in the sky,armoured bears rules over and terrible experiments are tested…”

The first step of Singularity’s dajjal/anti-christ plan is to put on every child so-called angel.The power of the angel  will be according to the child’s serving to the system,the angel  will get stronger according to the child’s serving to the system.The  children who are harmful for  this dajjal system,their angels will be planned lower/weaker than the other ones,and they will be slave to the other ones.Think about this angel matter like this:The stronger one’s light will be so much,this light lightens the dark world,the harmful one’s light will be dim or maybe has no light.The child whose angel is strong will have a protector/defender shield,the one will have the shield with the occasion of  a vaccine that will vaccinate to the bones;maybe will have steel bones  etc. etc.These arguments can be detailed.

These heathens/non-muslims goal is to make like  Allah,to be  like God.This is a system of dajjal.Think about in their dajjal system  they constitute an angel system.As  light/strong angel so credit.This credit can be a life prize or this credit can be a system that can take place of instead of money for reaching to life prize.We'll watch the football matches on the tables, don’t say ‘are you kiddirng this can not be’;technology is such a  high level.

Now this almighty verse has another meaning:” (Al-An’am-111) Even if We did send unto them angels, and the dead did speak unto them, and We gathered together all things before their very eyes, they are not the ones to believe, unless it is in Allah's plan. But most of them ignore (the truth).‘EVEN IF WE DID SEND UNTO THEM ANGELS THEY ARE NOT THE ONES TO BELIEVE’Think about this verse like this:How could it be Allah,Our Lord is going to send an angel and man/human is not going to believe the angel,it is unable to understand.We say”What a hethens are they’for them.But in fact in the dajjal system  fake angels encircle human,the true angels become ordinary,to the true angels can not be believed that they are created by Creator Allah.Because  creator conscious is going to be deleted in this dajjal system.This Hadith mustn’t be forgotten about Dajjal:”He will also have Paradise and Hell with him.Though his Paradise will appear as Jannah(Paradise).in reality it will be Hell,and likewise,though his Hell will appear like Jahannam(Hell),in reality it will be Paradise(Sahih Muslim).In this Hadith Dajjal’s falsification  is pointed out .

In CERN Project  Gog and Magog and Dajjal is perceiving.Watch the videos again with thinking/meditating these verses:[Surat Al-Baqarah-17]”Their likeness is as the likeness of one who kindleth fire,and when it sheddeth its light around him Allah taketh away their light and leaveth them in darkness,where they cannot see”Please meditate this verse again and again and again.[Surat Al Kahf-51]I made them(Iblis and his seed)not to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor their own creation; nor choose I misleaders for (My) helpers.Yes  the verse is as same as like this.So the creation can not be found,it is impossible to find the creation.Allah tells this to us openly/clearly.[Surat Al-Fatir-5] O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then this present life deceive you, nor let the Chief Deceiver(Satan/Evil) deceive you about Allah.This verse is telling us many things.Scientists understood that there can not be a science without Allah.This is a lesson,a great point for us.Allah is able to do all things,He  over all things has Power,Allah is the greatest(greater than everything).Turk World must work so hard,so much.It isn’t easy to be flagbearer.Muslims are being played off against.They are being parted with discussions,you-me factious and the troubles are continuing.The evolutionary theory  has already finished.Dajjal  is making ready  new evolutions for  the human in the new system.Muslims must make mentality revolution.Discussions of world of the  cold war has already ended.Muslims must decode/decipher the new system.

Oktan Keles


 PS-1:We thank to my student Abdalin who translates our writings into German,to venerable lady Oya Kara who translates our writings into English and to Shems who translates our writings into French.May Allah be pleased all of them.And  also thanks to my brother Erol Derman and to my student Tuncer  who tried to decode the videos three days long that I admonished him and to my student Yigit Ozdemir who has a great endeavour/efforts  for these videos,shortly May Allah be pleased from all the team.

PS-2:We discussed/talked about a little part of the theme.The theme has much details,insha Allah we are going to continue  in days to come.

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