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Volcano Project of Satanics

21 Ocak 2012 23:05 tsi
Volcano Project of Satanics Volcano Project of Satanics

Volcano Project of Satanics

Decade Volcano Project

The goal of this project ininternational platform:In case of erupting the volcanoes which have risk for theworld,for this eruption,this project includes preparing emergency action plan,emptyingthe settlements urgently and responsing for the disaster  in international status.This project includessuch as this matters.

There are 16 volcanoes inDecade Volcano Project:


2.Colima,Jalisco andColima Volcano,Mexico

3.Mount Etna,Sicily,Italy

4.Galeras Volcano,Narino,Colombia

5.Mauna Loa,Hawaii,USA

6.Mount Merapi,Central Java,Indonesia

7.Mount Nyiragongo,Democratic Republic of Congo

8.Mount Rainier,Washington,USA

9.Sakurajima,Kagoshima Prefecture,Japan

10.Santa Maria/Santiaguito,Guatemala


12.Taal Volcano,Batangas,Luzon,Philippines

13.Teide,Canary Islands,Spain

14.Ulawun,New Britain,Papua New Guinea

15.Mount Unzen,Nagasaki Prefecture,Japan


The unknownsabout this matter are those:

Mount Nemrut and Mount Suphan potentially have eruption risk inTurkey.Some devices have been put into these mounts by our univercities tomonitor the volcanic movements,for the future eruptions of these volcanoes.The reason why Nemrut and Suphanselected they have major eruption risk.

What is thereason why these areas/regions weren't selected  for the Decade Volcano Project even tough Turkey appliedpersistently.Why these regions were excluded from Decade Volcano Project in  spite of several foreign scientists declaredin their reports these volcanoes have major eruption  risk?

Altough  Turkey wasn't selected for the Decade Volcano Project,Turkish scientists aresearching for these areas/regions.The volcanic movements are being  monitored by the  seismometers.

As it can be rememberedthis very important matter  was at thetop of the agenda in Turkey in January,2007. However it fell off the agendalater.

Let's continue  our questions:

If  Mount Nemrut and the other volcanoes eruptwhat happens?

This answer can be said:"'In this region(especially around Mount Nemrut) there is neither settlement norindustrial plants/establishments,so that reason nothing happens.

This answer shouldn't  deceive you.If under these mountains,in the lava veins,in the sleep mode  there are important metals,petroleum,mineralores?If it depends on an explosion  tofind out  the metals&mineral ores andto take out the petroleum?A possible explosion or a tectonic movement canactivate the volcano,and this activation can cause to find out the metals orthe petroleum;the important metals,minerals,petroleum can come into the earthbecause of this explosion or a tectonic movement?This case will be useful/goodfor whom?Who would benefit from this case?

Now let's ask the question again?According to the official reports in 2007, Mount Nemrut doesn't have  an eruption risk at least in the next 30-40years.Doesn't this mean the petroleum reserves and the mineral stratums ,theimportant metals will remain underground for 30-40 years?

I have another question:Thosewho don't want to wait for 30-40 years,they need an eruption to take out thesereserves.Do they wait for 30-40 years  totake out these reserves?Instead of a natural eruption can it be  possible to activate  the mountain by  an artificial explosion?

Let us answer:Yes,it is possible.According to the darkscientist H.S Volfer who has secret searches about  volcanoes: If some nuclear power,nuclear bombetc. is applied on a specified coordinates & locations it is possible to activate volcanoes.

P.S:  (When a  volcano will  active inthe near future we should doubt about it…)

If anoperation is made to a selected volcano in Turkey,is Turkey ready for this?

Is Turkeyready for the games of the system of evil?Is Turkey ready for a possible attackof the system of evil?

The answer:

Everybody feels at ease.Turk State and  The General Staff  of the Turkish Republic know abouteverything,they are fully aware of everything.They are conscious of the changingtechniques of war.

Now another question?

Those whoraise a  storm in a tea cup just because 'Turkey is buying  Patriot missiles';theyshould understand this well:They  thinkthat Turkey is buying these missiles to defend itself  if a war breaks out  in Iran or in the other regional countries.Thismatter shouldn't be thought simply.It should be useful to look at the issuefrom a  large perspective.

Now another question:

When weread all the writings don't we understand these?Some  satanic-global powers who don't accept  Turkey'sdevelopment in the world,by  using themilitary logistic or alliance(please remember the Muavenet ship event), if thesedevilish powers fire a nuclear missile to activate the specified  coordinate of the volcano/volcanoes during aninduced war in the Middle-east and Asia,if Turkey  throws its own Patriotmissiles and  Turkey's patriot missilesdestroy the devilish powers' nuclear missiles(p.s:the patriot missiles are fordestroying the thrown missiles in the air),wouldn't it be well?

If we don't have the possibilities,capabilities firstly Turk General Staff and Turk State is going to be blamed;May Allah protects us.

Many questions can be asked:America has to sell weapons and some countries like Turkey have tobuy,even if  it  can be thought in this way,that  mustn't be forgotten;everybody has their ownplans.

And another question can be that:

All right,if we have apetroleum  reserve why don't we take it out?

That must be known verywell?This century is an energy century.This situation is not as simple as it iswritten/described  in the media news or inthe newspapers.This is a chess game.You know chess game has its own charactersand meanings.Like a chess game this work  has kings,rooks,knights,bishops and pawns,too.The most important matter is :There is achess board which carries all of these elements/chess pieces.If you attack according tothe current conjuncture and balance,all the chess game can overturn.So thatreason stepping time  is very  important.

A brainstorming:If thecountries in the Middle East&Asia such as;Iran;Israel,Pakistan,China;be ata war with the global powers and  if somereserves,some new energy sources are found-with thinking the principle 'who hasthe energy,he has the power';what happens?May be a new world war.

Now Let's continue with  another matter and let's continue ourbrainstorming:

In the Quran, ChapterKahf,Allah  Ta'ala gives the power toDhool Karnain.As it is known Dhool Karnain melts the iron and the brass/copperto separate between Gog-Magog and the others.As a result of this molten metalsthere is become a barrier between Gog-Magog and between the others and it staysuntil the end of the world.But as a sign of  Doomsday this barrier is going to be dig out.

Whatever Dhool Karnain didthey became with the permission of Allah the Compassionate.

[Al-Kahf;(93)until,when hereaches between the two barriers,he found this side of them a people scarcelyable to understand speech.(94)They said,'O Dholl Karnain,behold,Gog and Magogare doing corruption in the earth;so shall we assign to thee a tribute,againstthy setting up a barrier between us and between them?'(95)He said,'That whereinmy Lord Has established be is better;so aid me forcefully,and I will set up arampart between you and between them.(96)Bring me ingots of iron!'Until,when hehad made all level between the two cliffs,he said,'blow!'Until,when he had madeit a fire,he said,'Bring me,that I may pour molten brass on it.'(97)So theywere unable either to scale it or pierce it.(98)He said,'This is a mercy frommy Lord.But when the promise of my Lord comes to pass,He will Make it intopowder;and My Lord's promise is ever true'.]

Now, we must pay attention to the plans of satanics!

If they throw a nuclear bomb into the mountain theycause to arise the metals,the minerals and the petroleum, by this way they willcause a discomfiture between the people.Dhool Karnain made a barrier betweenthe people and Gog-Magog,now this barrier can come this meaning:embroiling manypeople.Such as these metals,a new energy sources,the power will cause muchtrouble in many countries around the world.In this atmosphere,a world war wouldbe inevitable.

What's understood is understood,to dig out the barrieror not to dig out,that is the question…

( Oktan Keleş told details about Gog and Magog inhis book Melekler Ağlarken [ While The Angels Are Crying ] )

The powers who bomb themoon , what do they do in the earth,we need to think about it…

From a different viewpoint,the names of the mountains of  Mars:

Olympus Mons

Arsia Mons

Pavonis Mons

Acraeus Mons

Mars Phoenix project was about to bomb the volcanoes of Mars andactivate them! Those who could do theseon Mars,what could they do on the earth?Have you ever thougt?

Another information:

It was frequently seen in the news in last year.There was seen  giantrift valleys and holes in  Konya andaround.Were these natural geological formations or were they the  training bombs of  the military airplanes who were makingmilitary manoeuvre in Turkey?It is impossible not to doubt about it…

I'm saying again.I'm repeating again:Turk State and Turk GeneralStaff  are the guarantors of Turk Nation.

May Allah helpour army.May Allah make everything easy for our army.

Also especially the works about Mayon Volcano in the Philippinesshould be watched.

What would happen if someone threw a bomb at the Vatican?Netpanoreaders will remember this matter well.

Vesuvius Volcanois in Italy.If a nuclear bomb throws to Vesuvius would the Vatican still exist?

Now we can continue with  another folder which  is connected with this matter:


If we ask a question to the Germans  who are the Nazis their answer would be likethis:"They are the Nazis".They do not accept that the Nazis belong to theGerman race.In fact this is true according to them.In spite of  Many Nazis belong to the German race,essentially/intrinsicallythey belong to a satanic  organization

Although they are remembered such as  names National Socialism,Nazist party etc. infact  there is a satanic organization,adevilish unit to establish the state of Israel,this mustn't be forgotten..

I won't tell you this matter in a great lenght.The task and the missionof Hitler is to create a tragedy of genocide and do agitation,so plans ofsatanics could be done,state of Israel could be established/founded.Let's ask this question toourselves:If Hitler had not been ,was the state of Israel founded?


Hitler used all the ancient Egyptian symbols actually everywherein his organization.We talked about a satanic unit.This unit is a Jewish originunit.This unit used arguments of the Kabbalah and all the evil ideology,theycanalized Hitler and reached their goals.

In the last years,in our article Mumy of Hitler,wetold the details about Hitler's death,we said Hitler didn't kill himself.Moredetailed  information about this matteris in our new book  ASA[THE ROD].

In spite of the largest part of the Nazis are becoming Germanrace,Nazi philosophy isn't belong to Germans.The Nazi philosophy have a Jewishand  a satanic meaning.Inside thisphilosophy there are existing  all thesymbols,all the ceremonies,all the rituals of the ancient Egypt.Forexample  falcon horus,pyramids,swastikaetc.The swastika is not even close with the cross we know.

Here is the original Swatika:

This ancient symbol is adapted to a cross and it is presented tothe minds as a cross.

Don't say w\,at do Nazis  have to do with volcanoes?What is theconnection between Nazis and volcanoes?Dring the 2nd  World War German Air Forces bombed somevolcanoes to activate these kinds of activities.

İşte Haç sembolünün orijinal hali:

Now we're presenting to our readers a document-book which hashistorical importance.Here theirs Black Book:

Please pay attention to the symbol on the cover of the book:There is 'a door'; in front of the door there is 'a satanic/satanist' ; on the door there is 'aswastika' and there is 'a falcon Horus' on the top of the door.All of thesemean:All the holy places of  Europe arein their hands,the message is this.Now we want to show you two photographs fromthe book:

Do these photographs lookfamiliar to you?It is same as Istanbul's entrance door,isn't it?And please payattention to the logo of Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010.

The Nazis/Nazi soldiers are same as the symbol on thecover of the book.

They hung their symbols on the door.They are giving thismessage:We got  all the temples of Europeand these doors are under our control.

"Istanbul was a great/a supreme door for us".Please remember the speech of ShimonPeres in Turkish National Grand Assembly and our analysis. http://www.netpano.com/makale/?makale=743

In the book it is told;Nazis had Europian's(Christians')all holy placesand it is time to have Islamic Holy Relics.For having the Islamic Holy Relics,it  is only possible with  Istanbul'soccupation.

They give these messages:Withsatanic/devilish  symbols we made Egyptsymbols dominant over the Abrahamic/divine religions 

 And some medallions of the Satanic Nazis.

Those  who say our previousarticles/analyses 'these are the conspiracy theories' ; I am sure they are going to  control their thoughts again,they are going to reconsider the matter once more.The newsconfirming our analyses and our analyses coming true day by day.

Continue to follow us.Keep on praying for us.

With Salaam(Greetings) and Respects

Oktan KELEŞ / On Altı Yıldız

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